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character: akamaru character: asuma sarutobi character: bardock character: boruto uzumaki character: broly character: bulma character: cabba character: caulifla character: cell character: charizard character: chibi character: chichi character: choji akimichi character: cooler character: danzo shimura character: deidara character: denki kaminari (chargebolt) character: eight-tails gyuki character: enma character: eren jaeger character: erwin smith character: fifth hokage tsunade character: first hokage hashirama senju character: fourth hokage minato namikaze character: fourth raikage a character: frieza character: future gohan character: future trunks character: gaara character: gama character: gamakichi character: ging freecss character: gogeta character: gohan character: goku character: gon freecss character: goten character: gotenks character: hagoromo otsutsuki character: haku character: hamura otsutsuki character: hidan character: hinata hyuga character: ino yamanaka character: iruka umino character: itachi uchiha character: izuku midoriya (deku) character: jiraiya character: kabuto yakushi character: kaido of the beasts character: kakashi hatake character: kakuzu character: kale character: kamatari character: kankuro character: katsuki bakugo character: katsuyu character: kiba inuzuka character: kid buu character: killer bee character: killua zoldyck character: kimimaro kaguya character: kisame hoshigaki character: kite character: kurapika character: kurenai yuhi character: leon character: leorio paradinight character: levi ackerman character: madara uchiha character: majin buu character: master roshi character: might guy character: momo yaoyorozu (creati) character: monkey d. luffy character: mr. satan character: nappa character: naruto uzumaki character: neji hyuga character: nine-tails kurama character: ningame character: obito uchiha character: orochimaru character: pain character: pakkun character: pan character: piccolo character: rebecca character: reiner braun character: rock lee character: sai character: sakura haruno character: sarada uchiha character: sasori character: sasuke uchiha character: shenron character: shikamaru nara character: shisui uchiha character: shizune character: suigetsu hozuki character: temari character: tenten character: tento madoka character: tenya iida (ingenium) character: third hokage hiruzen sarutobi character: third kazekage character: tonton character: trunks character: tsuyu asui character: turles character: vegeta character: vivi nefertari character: yamato character: zabuza character: zeke jaeger character: zetsu
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