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character: akamaru character: android 18 character: baby character: bonyu character: boruto uzumaki character: bulbasaur character: bulla (bra) character: butterfree character: centiskorch character: charizard character: charmander character: chase character: chichi character: dragonite character: eevee character: elaine character: fifth hokage tsunade character: fourth hokage minato namikaze character: gaara character: gengar character: geodude character: giru character: gloria character: goku character: hanabi hyuga character: inteleon character: itachi uchiha character: jigglypuff character: joseph joestar character: kakashi hatake character: kakuzu character: kiba inuzuka character: klara character: kubfu character: lapras character: launch character: machoke character: madara uchiha character: magnemite character: mai character: master roshi character: mew character: mikasa ackerman character: mina ashido (pinky) character: minoru mineta (grape juice) character: mitsuki character: naruto uzumaki character: nine-tails kurama character: oddish character: pan character: pidgeotto character: pikachu character: ponyta character: psyduck character: ranfan character: rillaboom character: sai character: sakura haruno character: sarada uchiha character: sasori character: sasuke uchiha character: second hokage tobirama senju character: shisui uchiha character: shizune character: slowpoke character: squirtle character: supreme kai of time character: temari character: tenten character: third kazekage character: third tsuchikage onoki character: tonton character: trunks character: urshifu character: vegeta character: venusaur character: victor character: videl character: weezing character: wooloo character: yagura
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