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character: all might character: annie leonhart character: armin arlert character: asta character: bardock character: bertholdt hoover character: blueno character: boruto uzumaki character: broly character: chiaotzu character: christa lenz character: conny springer character: dabura character: dhalis zachary character: dio brando character: dot pyxis character: eld gin character: elfman strauss character: eren jaeger character: erwin smith character: erza scarlet character: gelgar character: gogeta character: gohan character: goku character: gon freecss character: goten character: gray fullbuster character: gunther schultz character: hange zoe character: hannes character: hiei character: hisoka morow character: hitch character: ian dietrich character: ichigo kurosaki character: izuku midoriya (deku) character: jean kirschtein character: kai chisaki (overhaul) character: karna freese character: keigo takami (hawks) character: keith sadies character: kenny ackerman character: killua zoldyck character: klaus lunette character: krillin character: levi ackerman character: levy mcgarden character: lisanna strauss character: lucy heartfilia character: lyon character: majin buu character: marco bodt character: marlo character: mei hatsume character: melzagard character: meruem character: metal bat character: miche zacharius character: mikasa ackerman character: mina ashido (pinky) character: minoru mineta (grape juice) character: mirio togata (lemillion) character: moblit character: monkey d. luffy character: naruto uzumaki character: natsu dragneel character: nile dawk character: noelle silva character: oruo bozad character: puar character: puri puri prisoner character: reiner braun character: ribrianne character: rico brzenska character: ryuk character: saitama character: sarada uchiha character: sasha braus character: sasuke uchiha character: sneck character: sweet mask character: tanktop black hole character: tanktop master character: tanktop tiger character: thomas wagner character: tien character: tomura shigaraki character: trunks character: vanessa enoteca character: vegeta character: wendy marvell character: ymir character: yugi muto character: zeke jaeger character: zenoh
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