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character: alcremie character: articuno character: atomic samurai character: avery character: bardock character: beerus character: blastoise character: blizzard character: boros character: boruto uzumaki character: butterfree character: calyrex character: carnage kabuto character: charizard character: child emporer character: cinderace character: cooler character: crablante character: darmanitan character: darumaka character: deep sea king character: demigra character: eevee character: frieza character: friezas soldier character: genos character: gloria character: gohan character: goku character: goten character: inteleon character: kid buu character: linoone character: majin buu character: meowth character: metal knight character: moltres character: morpeko character: mosquito girl character: mr. mime character: mumen rider character: mustard character: nappa character: naruto uzumaki character: obstagoon character: oleana character: opal character: peony character: piers character: pikachu character: ponyta character: professor magnolia character: raihan character: regidrago character: regieleki character: rillaboom character: rolycoly character: rotom character: saibamen character: sakura haruno character: sandaconda character: sarada uchiha character: sasuke uchiha character: scorbunny character: silver fang character: slowbro character: slowpoke character: sobble character: sonic character: spring mustachio character: stinger character: stonjourner character: super buu character: toxtricity character: trunks character: vaccine man character: vegeta character: vegito character: victor character: yamcha character: yamper character: zamazenta character: zapdos character: zarude character: zigzagoon
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