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character: abra character: articuno character: bellsprout character: blastoise character: bulbasaur character: butterfree character: calyrex character: centiskorch character: charizard character: charmander character: cinderace character: corsola character: corviknight character: cramorant character: cursola character: darmanitan character: darumaka character: dragonite character: drednaw character: drizzile character: duraludon character: eevee character: eiscue character: eldegoss character: first hokage hashirama senju character: five-tails kokuo character: four-tails son goku character: gengar character: geodude character: gloria character: gossifleur character: grookey character: inteleon character: jigglypuff character: kubfu character: lapras character: linoone character: machoke character: magnemite character: melmetal character: meltan character: meowth character: mew character: moltres character: morpeko character: mr. mime character: nine-tails kurama character: obstagoon character: oddish character: one-tailed shukaku character: peony character: pidgeotto character: pikachu character: polteageist character: ponyta character: psyduck character: raboot character: regidrago character: regieleki character: rillaboom character: rolycoly character: rotom character: sandaconda character: scorbunny character: seven-tails chomei character: sirfetch’d character: six-tails saiken character: slowbro character: slowpoke character: snorlax character: sobble character: squirtle character: stonjourner character: ten tails jubi character: three-tails isobu character: thwackey character: toxtricity character: two-tails matatabi character: urshifu character: venasaur character: venusaur character: vulpix character: weezing character: wooloo character: yamper character: zacian character: zamazenta character: zapdos character: zarude character: zigzagoon
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