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character: agatha character: alcremie character: ameyuri ringo character: android 18 character: android 21 character: anko mitarashi character: annie leonhart character: ao character: azure fang character: bea character: blizzard character: bonyu character: breeze dancer character: bulla (bra) character: carla character: chiyo character: chojuro character: christa lenz character: eevee character: elaine character: erza scarlet character: fifth hokage tsunade character: fifth mizukage mei terumi character: flare character: frieza character: fu character: gajeel redfox character: gloria character: gray fullbuster character: guren character: hanabi hyuga character: hange zoe character: happy character: hinata hyuga character: hitch character: ino yamanaka character: jellal fernandes character: juvia lockser character: kagura character: kaguya otsutsuki character: karin character: karna freese character: karui character: kefla character: kin tsuchi character: klara character: konan character: kurenai yuhi character: kurotsuchi character: kushina uzumaki character: levy mcgarden character: lisanna strauss character: lorelei character: lucy heartfilia character: mabui character: marine character: mei hatsume character: melony character: mikasa ackerman character: mina ashido (pinky) character: minerva character: mirajane character: mosquito girl character: natsu dragneel character: nessa character: noelle silva character: oleana character: opal character: pain character: pan character: pikachu character: professor magnolia character: ribrianne character: rico brzenska character: rin nohara character: rogue cheney character: sai character: sakura haruno character: samui character: sarada uchiha character: sasha braus character: sherria character: shizune character: sting eucliffe character: supreme kai of time character: tayuya character: temari character: tenten character: tonton character: towa character: ultear character: vados character: vanessa enoteca character: videl character: wendy marvell character: ymir character: yugito character: zangya
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