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This page has art submitted to aiktry.com. Art is the visual expression of creativity and skill. Aiktry features three forms of art - official art, renders, and fanart. Official art is art created by companies to promote merchandise like video games, comics, manga, and DVDs or media like movies and television shows. Official art on aiktry.com includes wallpapers released from official sources such as a video game company's website since it is an official work. Renders are pictures that are high-quality, are in PNG format and have a transparent background. Renders are a type of art generally used in other forms of art, for example YouTube thumbnails or wallpapers. Fanart on aiktry.com are digital works of art that are created unofficially, by people who are inspired in some shape or form and want to show off their artistic ability. On aiktry.com, we are currently only accepting high-quality, digital fanart.

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